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Mandibular Canine Extractions – Online Course

Extraction of the mandibular canine tooth is the most common extraction associated with iatrogenic fracture and extraction dehiscence. It is an extraction that practitioners dread and occasionally avoid. In this course, we will review relevant anatomy, learn about recommended equipment, evaluate flap, bone removal and closure techniques. The course will finish with case discussions of mandibular extractions and a video demonstration.

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Stallion Frozen Semen Online Course

This course provides a step-by-step guideline of how to freeze semen from stallions and how frozen semen is stored, transported and subsequently thawed for insemination into mares. The goal is to furnish stallion owners, managers, technicians and veterinarians with both general principles and detailed techniques regarding semen freezing in stallions.

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Foaling and Foal Care

This course is designed to provide horse owners, broodmare managers and foaling attendants an overview of normal foaling, dystocia, routine care of the newborn foal and other important topics. The overall goal is to provide personnel that will be responsible for attending pregnant mares through the birth process with guidelines for normal events, when to call for additional on-farm help and when to call for veterinary assistance.

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