Extraction Techniques for Equine Teeth – Online

This course focuses on treatment planning and techniques to extract premolar and molar teeth. The online learning portion of the course covers dental applied anatomy, maximizing oral exam and imagining findings to develop and hone a treatment plan, and equipment and techniques to extract teeth.

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Basic Equine Arthroscopy – August 18-19, 2021

This course teaches the basic principles of equine arthroscopy in the carpus and dorsal fetlock joint including instrumentation and basic techniques, diagnostic arthroscopy of the carpus, fetlock, and tarsocrural joints, arthroscopic surgery of the carpus for osteochondral chip fragment removal, and more.

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Advanced Equine Arthroscopy, August 19-21, 2021

This course includes 4 laboratories to give optimal practical information on how to do advanced arthroscopy and with particular emphasis on approaches for internal fixation of fractures of the carpus and fetlock, new arthroscopic techniques in the femoropatellar and femorotibial joints, advanced arthroscopic surgery of the hock, and tenoscopic surgical techniques for bursoscopy.

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