Understanding Equine Oral Endoscopy - Webinar


The substantial increase in science that has become available in recent decades around equine dentistry has led to a substantial paradigm shift in the way we look at horses teeth. When we only used to have a hammer (rasp), everything always looked like a nail (enamel point). Together with the science, the availability and affordability of oral endoscopes has dramatically changed and allows us to uncover many more pathologies that are likely at the basis aberrant mastication patterns and result in overgrowths. As in all other aspects of veterinary medicine diagnosis is our primary aim, and oroscopy allows us to get much better at diagnosing dental pathologies. This talk will discuss the basics of oral endoscopy in horses and provide examples of its use.

Denis Verwilghen DVM, MSc, PhD, DES, Dipl ECVS

Currently an associate professor of equine surgery, Denis serves as head of the Camden Equine Centre at the Sydney School of Veterinary Science. He started as an equine vet in private practice after graduation from Ghent University in 2003 and then returned to academia to become a resident in equine surgery at the University of Liege. In 2010 he successfully passed the exam of the ECVS. Denis then defended his PhD about clinical impact of developmental orthopaedic diseases in horses. After spending some time as Head of the Equine Surgery Department at Uppsala University, Denis took up a position of Associate Professor at Copenhagen University. In 2017 Denis ran his own private consultancy business Equine Specialists offering peripatetic surgical services and biosecurity consulting. In 2018 Denis and his wife Gaby (an equine ECEIM and ECVECC dipl) moved down under for a full Aussie immersion experience with daily barbies, wallaby encounters and koala hugging.

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