Interventional Cystoscopy - Webinar

Cystoscopy has traditionally been considered a diagnostic procedure. This is no longer true. This presentation will cover applications of transurethral and laparoscopic assisted cystoscopy for treatment and correction of many diseases and abnormalities of the lower urinary tract. Discussion will focus on the practical application of these techniques for optimal management of your clinical cases.

Timothy C. McCarthy DVM, PhD, DACVS

Dr. McCarthy has been performing endoscopy in a private practice setting for 38 years, starting with flexible gastrointestinal endoscopy and migrating to all forms of rigid and flexible endoscopy.   He developed many diagnostic endoscopy procedures including approaches to almost all organ systems. He has been a driving force in the expansion of diagnostic applications of endoscopy into interventional and operative techniques that have changed the way veterinary medicine is practiced.  He has lectured around the globe teaching and promoting applications of endoscopy, published numerous articles, and edited the definitive text Veterinary Endoscopy for the Small Animal Practitioner, with a second edition currently in the final stages of publication.

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