Limb Deformity Master Course - June 23-25, 2021


RACE Approved: 23.0 hours
Course Description:
This Master Course is designed for practicing veterinarians having prior experience with application of bone plates and fracture repair. Limb deformities are commonly seen in dogs and can lead to osteoarthritis, joint pain and limb dysfunction. Correction of deformities can prevent future osteoarthritis and allow pets to have an excellent functional and cosmetic outcome. This course addresses decision-making for treatment of limb deformities. Participants will learn how to plan a correction and correct deformities of the front and hind legs using CORA methodology. Osteotomies are typically performed to correct the alignment of the limb or reduce compression of the physis to allow normal growth.

Veterinary Technicians may register here.

Day 1
7:30 am: Breakfast
8:00 am: Welcome and Introduction
8:05 am: Indications for Limb Deformity Correction
8:20 am: CORA Methodology and Terms
9:15 am: Types and Principles of Osteotomy
9:45 am: Break
10:15 am: Implant Systems Used for Corrective Osteotomy
10:45 am: Execution of a Planned Osteotomy
11:15 am: Evaluation of the Femur and DFO
12:00 pm: Lunch
1:00 pm: Laboratory 1: Deformity of the Femur – Planning and DFO (plastic bone)
2:15 pm: Laboratory 2: Deformity of the Femur – DFO
3:15 pm :Break
3:30 pm: Laboratory 2: Deformity of the Femur – DFO (cont)
4:45 pm: Discussion
5:00 pm: End of Day

Day 2
7:30 am: Breakfast
8:00 am: Radiographic Review Day 1
9:00 am: Evaluation of the Tibia and PTO/DTO
9:45 am: Break
10:15 am: Laboratory 3: Deformity of the Tibia – Planning and PTO/DTO (plastic bone)
12:00 pm: Lunch
1:00 pm: Laboratory 3: Deformity of the tibia – PTO (cont)
3:00 pm: Break
3:30 pm: Evaluation of the Radius and Ulna and Simple Corrective Osteotomy
4:15 pm: Complications of Corrective Osteotomies
4:45 pm: Discussion
5:00 pm: End of Day

Day 3
8:00 am: Radiographic Review Day 2
8:45 am: Break
9:00 am: Laboratory 4: Deformity of the Radius/Ulna – Planning and Corrective Osteotomy (plastic bone)
10:00 am: Laboratory 4: Deformity of the Radius/Ulna- Corrective Osteotomy
11:45 am: Discussion
12:00 pm: End of Course

Caleb Hudson DVM, DACVS

Caleb Hudson is a native of Louisiana. He attended Veterinary school at the University of Missouri. After receiving his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2007, he moved to Gainesville Florida, to complete a rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at the University of Florida. Dr. Hudson stayed at the University of Florida to complete a small animal surgery residency and a masters program. After completing his residency, Dr. Hudson spent a year as faculty at the University of Florida. In 2013, he moved to Houston, TX and joined Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, where he is currently employed as a surgeon. His special interests include: total joint replacement and minimally invasive surgery. In his free time Dr. Hudson enjoys rock climbing and distance running.

Stephen Jones

Dr. Jones grew up outside Dublin in Ireland. He attended Veterinary school at University College Dublin. After receiving his Veterinary Medicine degree in 2009, he moved to Hollywood, Florida to complete both rotating and specialty surgery internships, at the Hollywood Animal Hospital. From there, Dr. Jones moved to Gainesville Florida where he completed a combined residency in small animal surgery and master’s program at the University of Florida. After completion of his residency in 2015, Dr. Jones moved to Columbus, Ohio where he joined the joined the faculty rank as an Assistant Professor of Small Animal Orthopedics at The Ohio State University. Dr. Jones is a Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. He has written and published numerous scientific papers and abstracts and lectures all over the world. His special interests include minimally invasive fracture repair, medical and surgical treatment of joint disease, arthroscopy, and surgical management of angular limb deformities.

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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Course cancellation could occur if registrations fail to meet minimum numbers 30 days prior to the course.
If a course is canceled for any reason, we are not responsible for any charges related to travel.
Refunds are available for cancellations made 35 days prior to the beginning of the course. Cancellations less than 35 days before a course are nonrefundable but may be partially transferrable to a future course.

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