Otoendoscopy in the chronically discharging ear: What are we missing? - Webinar

This webinar begins with the history and importance of visualization in the diagnosis and treatment of ear disease in humans, and now in veterinary medicine.  Endoscopic anatomy of the healthy external and middle ear of the dog and cat will be covered, including the location of ossicles and facial nerve as critical structures to identify during middle ear surgery. Diseases of the external and middle ear will be reviewed with examples of enhanced diagnosis thanks to otoscopic visualization and/or intervention. Case Studies will be presented, including examples of diagnoses that were only made endoscopically (e.g cholesteatoma/keratoma) and examples of disorders treated with endoscopic instrumentation (e.g. removal of external ear canal foreign bodies)  

Munir Kureshi, DVM
Munir is a practicing veterinarian from California. He has performed endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of ear disease for over 23 years.  He trained in a number of centres of excellence in human endoscopic ear surgery, and subsequently adapted the technique to veterinary medicine. He is a member of the American Association of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, and was an invited speaker and faculty member at the 2019 World Congress on Endoscopic Ear Surgery. 

Mahmood  Bhutta, DPhil, FRCS 
Mahmood is Honorary Professor in Otolaryngology at Brighton & Sussex Medical School and a human ear surgeon practicing in Brighton (UK). He has a long-standing interest in new techniques, research, and teaching, and has translated his expertise to surgery in small animals. He runs training courses in the UK on human ear surgery, previously spent 5 months in Cambodia to train the first ear surgeons there, and is honorary consultant to the World Health Organisation program on hearing loss. 


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