Covid-19 Guidelines


During this COVID 19 pandemic your health and safety is utmost importance to us when attending a continuing education course at Colorado State University.  In these ever-changing times we will adhere to strict guidelines of the University, State and the CDC.  If you have any questions or specific requests please contact us at  Below are the current precautions that we have implemented with our courses.

Visiting CE Course Attendees and Instructors:

Your safety and the protection of our CE and research teams are of utmost priority. Therefore, we adhere to a set of COVID-19 Guidelines provided to us by the CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team in cooperation with county and state authorities.

Visiting CE Course Attendees and Instructors should: get a negative COVID test within 72 hours of travel. The Abbott ID NOWTM test available at Walgreen’s (& other sites) is appropriate. Results are often reported same day or next day, so it fits well with travel….but Walgreen’s does not guarantee reporting of results prior to travel, so it is advisable to plan ahead.

An appointment may be necessary and drive thru testing is available at some locations.

According to Walgreens: You may not have out-of-pocket costs if you are using insurance, voucher, or if you are eligible for no-cost testing according to federal or state guidelines. You should contact your insurer to confirm the test will meet coverage criteria before scheduling a test. You may be billed by Walgreens and if applicable, the laboratory for the full price of the test if your insurance denies coverage or you do not meet federal or state no-cost testing eligibility criteria.